Studio Build Diary Update

We’ve been seeing some drastic and rapid change in the new Home Brewed Studio build. Set for a 2018 opening, the new studio space will focus around a predominantly brick live room. Concrete floors, with full sonic treatment throughout. Fully sealed, air conditioned, and finished and furnished for a comfortable, practical and above all productive mix room and live room.

All of the comforts and homeliness of the current studio setting will be brought into the new space combining with a total and complete upgrade of workspace environment.

Our old double brick garage with a ‘tool room’ is all but unrecognizable. This includes an entirely new roof, sound treated, clad and capped. Air conditioning and totally silent venting system, total re-wiring for patching, power and lights. Re-dug and re-designed drainage also allows for the back section of the studio to remain underground (which was a great feature of the existing building).

New large and extremely thick windows installed in tracking room and doors are in. Allowing more light into the space and a great view of the bush.

The space is taking shape and we are now at the point of plastering, painting, and finishing elements of the sound treatment / panel absorbers etc.

We’ve been bringing instruments into the space at different points to hear how the room is responding and we are already amazed at the colours we are getting. We cannot wait to get a band in here!