Studio Diary

Dr. Colossus – The Dank LP

Throughout the latter part of April and into early May, we undertook Dr. Colossus’ first full length record ‘The Dank’.

Bed tracks were done live, with guitar and bass amps removed into separate rooms, so the band could play together and find their groove. By far the most time we’ve spent on a Dr. Colossus recording. Previous recordings were always very spur of the moment and ‘throw and go’ type approach which also gave a spontaneity to the finished product but sometimes lacked the full potential of the band.

Now with a third member on bass and a full sounding band, we had 2 full days to capture drums and roughly 5 days beyond that of re-tracking any additional guitars and vocals.

This record really took advantage of the rooms of the studio, utilizing space in the sound of the drum kit, and extra percussive ideas which also relied heavily on spacial qualities of the place.

The album was mixed in-house here at Home Brewed and mastered by Paul Fox at Indie Masters. Paul made the effort to come out to the studios which was appreciated – seeing for himself our studio which has been consistently using Paul’s expertise for mastering.

In total, 8 tracks make up the 40 minute album which is out now through the band’s own label Death Mountain.

Check out Holy Driver here:

See some of the making of footage below

Money on Verema releases new track

Pleased to see the release of the first of the ‘Money on Verema’ EP tracks. ‘Lie Lady Lie’ is the 4th track from the ‘When Two Become None’ EP. Due out 10.10.16.

Read more here:

Money on Verema – Lie Lady Lie